What Is A Dental Crown – And When Is It Needed?

There are plenty of cases where a dental crown is required to cover a damaged or unsightly tooth. The infographic below discusses each one, your dental crown options, how you get one and follow up care.

Dental Jargon Explained

Dental jargon can often be confusing for patients who are not used to hearing it. This infographic explains 10 dental terms that are important to understand so that you can be informed about your treatment.

6 Tips For Healthy Baby Teeth

If you take care of this first set of pearly whites, you can establish good dental habits for your children for years to come.

Dental Anatomy 101

A tooth is made up of multiple different layers. Find out more and check out the infographic inside.

The Complete Guide to Good Oral Hygiene

Want to keep your mouth healthy and your smile beautiful? Focus on brushing, flossing, avoiding certain substances and visiting the dentist regularly and you will be on your way to a lifetime of good oral hygiene.

How Cavities Form And What You Can Do To Stop Them

While most people know to avoid cavities at all costs, a recent survey of new patients suggests that very few patients understand exactly how cavities form and how good oral hygiene works to stop them. Our infographic shows you not only what can happen if you don’t take care of...