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Dental Fillings in Mississauga

At Southcommon Dental in Mississauga our dentists use fillings to repair cavities, cracks and fractures, restoring function and structure to damaged teeth.

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Dental Fillings in Mississauga

Durning your regular dental examination your dentist may discover a cavity or other damage to a tooth such as cracks or fractures that will require repair.

Fillings can be used by your dentist to restore decayed or damaged areas of individual teeth. By bonding to the tooth and helping to support the remaining tooth structure, fillings help to restore its function and prevent future breakage. 

The most common materials used for dental fillings are composite (white) and amalgam (silver).

Composite Resin Fillings in Mississauga

The primary benefit of composite fillings over amalgam (silver) fillings is aesthetics. White composite resin fillings closely match the colour of existing teeth, making it a good choice for fillings that may be visible when you talk or smile.

Amalgam Fillings in Mississauga

Amalgam fillings are grey, and therefore more visible than composite fillings. However, amalgam fillings are somewhat stronger than composite fillings, and therefore tend to be longer lasting.

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