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Bone Grafting

If you'd like to have dental implants to replace your missing teeth, our Mississauga dentists may recommend a bone graft in order to strengthen the bone structure of your jaw, and create a stable base for the dental implants.

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What is a bone graft?

For patients who have experienced bone loss due to missing teeth, bone graphing may be used to strengthen the bone in order to support dental implants. If your dentist have determines that your jaw bone is unable to support dental implants, a bone graft may be an option.

A bone graft is essentially a bone transplant using sterilized bone granules, or shavings of your own bone (typically taken from near your wisdom teeth). Your dentist will use this bone material to fill the area where the dental implant will be inserted.

Once the area where the bone graft has been done has had sufficient time to heal, your dentist will be able to perform the dental implant surgery.

Sinus lifts

A sinus lift may be required in order to strengthen the upper jaw, under your sinuses, to support dental implants. This procedure is called a sinus lift because the sinus membrane must be brought forward, or lifted, in order to make room for the new bone.

Your dentist will place sterilized bone granules into the area using the same techniques as a standard bone graft. Your dentist can proceed to the dental implant surgery once your sinus lift has had time to heal and the bone has had adequate time to regenerate.

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